EXECUTING AGENCY: Ministry of Environment and Public Works/
Special Service for Courts of Justice


BUDGET: 504,845,332 GRD

The building complex, which is work of German architect of the 19th century, Ernst Ziller (1837-1923), built in the period 1900-1904 and until 1982 housed the Military Academy, was converted to house the departments of primary courts of Athens.
Studies were performed and executed construction and electrical repair works and rearrangement of listed buildings 2,3,4, 5,6,7 and 11 of the former Hellenic Army Academy (HAA) and landscaping works of the complex (shape-networks-planting).
The main work performed in the project were:

  • Static aid of masonry of the buildings.
  • Internal rearrangement and conversion.
  • Restoration and reconstruction of the preserved facades.
  • Restoration of wooden roofs.
  • Construction of modern electrical/mechanical installations.
  • Fully landscaping. (Shape-networks-planting).

The project was undertaken through the process of "design-build".