Executing agency: Private

Time of completion: 2004-2007

Financial scope 1.600.000 €

The building known as "Villa Avrofilitos" was built in 1933 by architect Ioannis Axelos, and has identified as listed by the Ministry of Culture.
It was used as the residence of the President of the National Bank who donate it in the Mutual Health Fund of the National Bank of Greece Personnel (Τ.Υ.P.Ε.Τ.). Due to the fact that it remain uninhabited for years was sold in auction.
It is built in a garden at the Palaio Psychiko area, 3 Tsakona street, and consisted of a basement, ground floor and two floors.
The restoration (designed by the architect Vassilis Tsegkis) maintained the traditional elements (gypsum decorations, fireplace, panel mouldings, indoor wooden staircase, etc.). There has been extension of the ground floor, and addition of a third floor and second basement for car parking and electromechanical installations, after special construction, and reinforcements and pool in the surrounding area.
The exterior facades were restored preserving the style of the building, added a pergola on the first floor, roof and details similar to existing ones (railings, ironwork, exterior doors, etc.).
Today it is used as a residence with surface of about 700 m2 without the addition of the basement having the most up-to-dated indoor facilities.