EXECUTING AGENCY: Real Estate Holding Establishment



The neoclassical building at 56 Amalias Avenue, project of the architect Metaxas, repaired, reinforced according to the New Seismic Regulations and renovated to house the administration and services of the Foundation Alex. Onassis.

The project was implemented in 2 stages:
A' phase fixative and reinforcement work.
B' phase of building-electromechanical works and installations.

During the first phase, were carried out the work of internal demolition, reinforcement and fixings in masonry, wood floors and concrete elements.

In the second phase of renovation, were completed the building and electromechanical work for the administration facilities and the services of the institution.

For this purpose, after special architectural documentation, were performed the works for rehabilitation of the building to its original shape after specific interventions such as:
Restoration of facades with the existing decorations and the pulled plasters.
Restoration of the interior decoration with the rebuilding or complements of gypsum decorations, marble fireplaces, wood construction, special color restorations, etc.
Repair and restoration of damage and complement of the existing wooden frames.
Integration in the building after specific maintenance and adjustment, museum coating and furniture, collections and exhibits and the Office of Arist. Onassis.

*in joint venture.