EXECUTING AGENCY: Water Supply Corporation

TIME OF COMPLETION : 1999 - 2004

BUDGET: 14.695.706 €

Design and construction of all necessary works to increase the discharge capacity of the Unitary Aqueduct Mornos - Yliki in section between Kremadas and Daphnoula from 2,70 m3/sec at 6,75 m3/sec.
The project included the following tasks:
Rearrange works in Kremada
New steel pipe with diameter D1600 from Kremada to Asopos pumping station.
Construction of a new pumping station Asopos.
New steel pipe with diameter D1600 and D1300 from the Asopos pumping station to tank in Kleidi.
Construction of a new tank in Kleidi.
New steel pipe with diameter D1800 from tank in Kleidi to Kremada.
Construction of two new pumping stations between Kleidi and Kremadas.
Rearrange works in Daphne.
The project was tendered in competition with the system Design - Construction.
*in joint venture