EXECUTING AGENCY: Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO)


BUDGET: 971,726,742 GRD

The whole project was tendered in 13 different contractors and was featured as a "special" due to the overall restoration of the Palace and to facelift operations and maintenance and to the electrical-mechanical installations required for completion.
The closure was made in time to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country for the purposes of the session of the EEC for the first half of 1994.
The designs for the Palace was made by the Technical Department of Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) and was aprooved by the Directorate for Cultural buildings and Restoration of historical monuments of the Ministry of Culture.
Then the Ministry of Culture has supervised the project at all stages of construction.
In particular there have been made the following interventions:

  • Fixation works with anchors and cement grouting
  • Restoration of all facades of the Palace with replace of the gypsum moldings with copies made of cement and glass fiber (GRC) and then color the facades with waterglass paint.
    Internal arrangements and reconstructions of rooms as well as addition of 4 new groups of WCs and new kitchen.
  • Interventions for the maintenance of the Chapel located inside the Palace.
  • New landscaping for the creation of parking spaces and new access.
  • Restoration of marble and metal sculptures decorating the interior of the palace and those who decorate their surroundings and gardens of Achilles as well under the supervision of the sculptor-restorer Stelios Triantis.
  • Restoration of all the murals and paintings of the Palace, under the supervision of the painter-conservator Baltoyiannis Spiro.
  • Restoration of furniture in the Museum of the Achillean and other valuable objects under the supervision of the conservative Baltoyiannis Stavrou.
  • Construction of a new biological treatment of waste.
  • E/M installations:
    • Construction of new power supply substation
    • Construction of new heating and air conditioning
    • Construction of fire detection and fire extinguishing system
    • Construction of a new security system of the museum and of the whole palace
    • Construction lighting system inside the Museum, the Chapel, the murals and the surrounding area.

The above project is a monumental task, as it has all the morphological, functional and qualitative elements that characterize this type of work.