EXECUTING AGENCY: Water Supply Corporation


BUDGET: 670,471,228 GRD

The project is referring to the following works:

  • Construction of reinforced concrete beam at the coronation of the wall of the channel to be reinforced, construction of a tied inclined prestressed tendon consisting of three high-strength cables 160/180 Kp/mm2 - 0.6 cm in diameter that is placed on the free side vertical wall of the open pipeline of the aquaduct Mornos with tendon length 5.50 m and prestressing force 34 Mp. The in view prestressed tendons are positioned at distances of 80 cm.
  • Construction of consolidated embankment along the open aquaduct and adjacent to its free vertical wall at locations where the existing topography of ground allows the formation of secondary road for supervision of waterways.
  • Construction of drainage system with perforated cement pipes D300 for the collection and extraction of surface or groundwater along the waterways and in the places where the existing drainage does not work or in locations where there were not planed to build, and therefore water pressures may be developed from the side of the embankment.

The project was tendered in a public call completion.

* in joint venture