EXECUTING AGENCY: Directorate of Technical.Services/Prefecture of Magnesia


BUDGET: 1,118,000,000 GRD

The project involves the construction of the building that will house the senior high school, of the school complex Mourtzoukou in Volos, which occupies an area of approximately 3,000 square meters and is distributed over 3 floors. It also includes a Sports Hall - field that can accommodate student contests and events with useful area of 500 m2. Special design required for the construction of the foundation of the gym, which was founded approximately 50 cm from the existing school buildings and the Administration Tower (3 and 8 storeys, respectively). For this reason, special subfoundation measures were taken for the neighboring buildings, since the foundation level of the gym is from 2.00 to 3.00 meters below the foundation level of the other buildings.
The gym's roof was covered with a slab of reinforced concrete which due to large span (net span beam 18 meters) required the construction of prestressed beams made with complete success.
The project was tendered by the system Design - Construction.

* in joint venture