EXECUTING AGENCY: University of Aegean


BUDGET: 76,970,992 GRD

The building was constructed in late 19th century as a home of the shipowner M. Karras. In this building and in the adjacent new two-storey wing, opened in 1964, the Professional Housekeeping Karradeios School of Chios. Then, it was given at the University of Aegean.
Studies have been developed and works executed for the repairings, extensions, adding floor in the new wing, the rearrangement of the complex and electromechanical facilities.
The landmark building executed reinforcing works, works for restoring facades, restoration of ceiling paintings, etc. decorative elements.
thera have been reconstructed the surroundings of the complex with architectural elements and materials, that fit to the architectural morphology of the area.
In the building are housed and operate the graduate departments of the University Department of Business Administration, of the University of the Aegean. In the new wing of the building operates the Student Club, the Teacher Club and 22 hostel beds.
The project was undertaken with the system design - construction.