EXECUTION AGENCY: Public Real Estate Corporation (KED)



The project involves the improvements, static intervensions and building and electricomechanical work to convert existing industrial building, former factory of PETZETAKIS in Moschato, into a modern and fully equipped Computer Centre of the Ministry of Finance (KEPYO).
In this building interconnected, housed and operated the central units of the program TAXIS and all the IT and printing units of the Ministry.
The building consists of:

  1. Ground floor and 4 floors, of 22,600 m2 area in where placed the central units of PCs, peripherals and support systems, offices, warehouses with specific requirements, printing and cutting enveloping systems, machine rooms, the training school of the executives of Ministry of Finance, computerization systems, offices and utility room for serving staff (restaurant, infirmary, nursary, etc.)
  2. Underground area of 7,000 m2 used for parking vehicle, storage of computerized printed material in specific conditions, the e/m facilities and other ancillary uses.

An indication of the works performed are the following:

  1. Work for reinforce and modification of the structure of the building (new stairweays and elevators shafts, additional stiffening walls, foundations of new elements with micropiles, construction of composite mezzanine floor for the formation of a parking lot) that consists of specific demolition, retain, castings, special steel constructions etc.
  2. Building works, including: masonry walls coatings, flooring, toilets, colors, etc.
  3. E / M installations for the building (Water supply network, sanitation, firefighting air conditioning, lighting, etc.).
  4. Special operations and data center facilities (overhead and channeled mobile flooring of special antistatic specification, movable partitions, movable walls for separating rooms, underfloor distribution power cables, telephone and DATA, the central building control system BMS, Access control and security and monitoring systems (especially central air conditioning units for computers, passive solar control, cleaning of building facades, etc.).

The studies required were the Structural, architectural, electromechanical installations, fire detection and fire protection, acoustic studies for halls and places of printing blocks, signaling safety study (Security) etc.
The project tendered to public competition with the system of market of ready property by the Public Real Estate Corporation.

*in joint venture