EXECUTING AGENCY: Water Supply Company


BUDGET: 554.651.044 GRD

The project, executed in continiouation of the project concerning the Refinery (C-422). It involved the design and construction of additional facilities and landscaping of the refinery.

For its implementation, the studies prepared and performed the following projects:

  • Construction of building and specific electrical installations and equipment for ancillary chemicals to address and eliminate problems in the quality of drinking water of Athens. With these plants it is possible to pre-treatment of water supplies the WTP of Acharnon , Galatsi and Aspropyrgos, (23m3/sec) in cases of seasonal or occasional problems in raw water quality, especially in times of scarcity, for: the prevention of THMs, removal unpleasant smell and taste and control of algae growth.
  • Fully landscape and agriculture formation of open spaces of the refinery.
  • Formation of car park areas and various closed shelters of the facilities.