EXECUTING AGENCY: Organisation for Vocational Education and Training (O.E.E.K.)



The project involves the addition of floor, rearrangements, static intervensions, building and electomechanical work to convert the existing industrial building (part of the former factory Anatolia in N. Ionia), into a modern and fully equipped Training Centre of the Organisation for Vocational Education and Training ( OEEK). In this building is interconnected and housed the headquarters of the organisation which oversees the professional training of the country.
The building consists of:
Ground floor and 2 floors of 5.300,00 m2 area in which placed the central unit of PCs, the peripherals and support systems, the administration offices, the training rooms, conference room, computerization systems, offices and utility rooms for serving staff (restaurant, infirmary, nursery etc.)
Underground area of 3400 M2 used for parking of vehicles, forms storage, Electromechanical facilities and other ancillary uses.
The following tasks were performed:
* Work for reinforce and modification of the structure of the building:
o new stairways and elevator shafts.
o additional stiffening walls.
o foundations of new elements with piles and micropiles
o construction of composite slab for the formation of intermediate level and roof for the additional second floor, including special demolitions - retain, castings, special steel constructions, etc.
* Building works for example:
o masonry walls
o coatings
o flooring
o toilets
o colors, etc.
* E / M installations for the building:
o water supply network, sanitation, firefighting, air conditioning, lighting, etc.
* Special operations and facilities
o movable partitions
o movable walls separating rooms
o special central air conditioning for PC units
o passive solar protection

The project tendered to public competition with the system of market of ready property.

*in joint venture