EXECUTING AGENCY: Minstry of Environment and Public Works


BUDGET: 4.746.810,25 €

Restoration of interior and exterior of the Presidential Mansion, building which is classified as a monument-symbol. By the operations in the building also restored all the damage that had occurred in the building due to aging but also because of the earthquake of 07.09.1999.
Before the work, was preceded a thorough historical and architectural research by scientists and met all the appropriate procedures for the documentation of the proposed interventions. There were occured the following works:

  • Reconstruction of all the insulation in the roofs of buildings.
  • Repair of the roofs with curves covered with pre-oxidized copper sheets.
  • Repair of pulled plaster and the decorative framings and the exterior facades of buildings and colored.
  • Replacement of the wooden floors with new construction and special style.
  • Repair and polish of marble floors.
  • The internal coloring of the entire building with special techniques and colors to highlight the elaborate decorative elements.
  • Repaint of the artistic replicas of the marble in the main walls of the Mansion.
  • Installation of new data network for the computerization of the office of the Presidency and modernization the electrical installation.
  • Installation of new security systems and monitoring against any risk.
  • In the surroundings of the garden of the Mansion as well as on the facades of the building was designed and successfully installed new outdoor lighting.
  • Installation of new sod and planting new trees and plants, and automatic watering.
  • Addition to the sides and the roof the statues that were originally designed for the Mansion at the time of preparing the original design by the architect Ernst Ziller.

The project was tendered in competition with the method of Design - Construction.

*in joint venture