The new building housing the Immigration Directorate Transit of Attika is a modern construction that fully meets the current and future needs of these services of the Greek Police.
The project concern a building with many special features in facilities and equipment due to the multiple uses that it serves.
The facades are covered with decorative brick and ETAL-BOND panels for cladding, while the metal walkway link and the main entrance canopy prevail.
The building occupies a total area covering 24.856 m² of which 13.204 m² is auxiliary aeas (storage, E/M installations, parking, both conventional and buses.)
The remaining 11.622 m² divided into multi-purpose rooms, detention facilities, public gathering places, restaurant, bars and other places (archive rooms, warehouses, shooting, etc.)
There has been constructed a multi-purpose hall for 250 people, with translation booths, display control center with all equipment, absorbing cladding and separation ability into two parts using a mobile sound proof wall.
Because of the special nature of the building, ie the parallel use of both civil service and the police needs, it has installed in the building a sophisticated and extensive security network with high-tech systems and applications with such a size that first time are applied in Greece. The system includes a total area coverage by cameras, Access Control system on an extensive degree, and full electronic management of all subsystems of control. In addition there has been built a fully equipped kitchen and restaurant to serve the food needs of the Service, amounting to 1500 portions daily.
The mechanical equipment of the building is modern, with an independent substation for electrical power supply, UPS, units and power supply generator, automatic fire extinguishing system with 150 m³ water tank, central air conditioning and gas station.
Furthermore there are operating fitness center with locker rooms, BAR and a space for shooting of both conventional and specific targets.
Finally, the surrounding area outside except the gas station and lubrication, there are 2500 m² on roads and parking of vehicles of visitors, checkpoints, potable water tank of 100 m³ and 3500 m² green space.