EXECUTING AGENCY: Ministry of Culture


BUDGET: 18.220.338 €

The New Museum of Patras, area 8.000m2, built on a site about 28.500m2 in the north entrance of the town.
The museum complex, composed of parallelepiped volumes in zigzag development, covered with a ventilated system for facades of marble composite panels slabs, honeycomb aluminum, in which are sited the exhibition rooms, workshops, warehouses, administration facilities, etc. as well as the elliptic curve surface shell covered with sheets of titanium, which houses the amphitheatric classrooms, conferences and teaching.
Inside the building, there are highlighted the morphological features, architectural elements, such as prismatic acoustic ceilings, lighting showrooms, aerial walkways to observe the exhibits, acoustic coatings of conference rooms.
Also there are made all electromechanical installations for operating a completely modern museum.

*in joint venture