BUDGET: 15.000.000,00 €

The multi-perpose building (offices, retail trade and leisure, car parks) has been built on site located near a major transportation hub (on the street Piraeus 132 in 160 m distance from the beginning of Petrou Ralli Avenue and 200 m from the lines of OSE and the route of Constantinopoleos).
The site, which has an area of 2.755,64 m2, situated at No. 58 block of Athens, and has views on Piraeus Street (No. 132), Alkyoneos (No. 2) and Tzaferi (No. 1) .
In accordance with the approved designs, were built 5 underground floors (5-4-3-2: 309 underground parking places, first basement: an entertainment club), ground floor with shops and entertainment center, 15 outdoor parking places and 7 floors of office space.
The project is designed by a team of elite and eminent Greek design offices.
The objective of the designers was from the beginning to design a luxurious modern office building and shops at the forefront of answering market demands. This led to a building complex both operational and interesting and striking in appearance, together with aluminum panels coatings (ALUCOBOND), colored aluminum frames, steel and exposed concrete elements with specific treatment.
There are two entries, namely one on Piraeus Street and one on the road Alkyoneos. Three separate entrances on the stret of Tzaferi has the entertainment club that is located on the ground floor and first basement. The gateway to the underground garage is on the Tzaferi street.
Vertical communication is served by six (6) elevators, eight persons each and four staircases that go beyond the requirements specified for vertical communication and safety in emergency situations.
The building complies with all existing regulations of building design and security, including provisions to facilitate the disabled, and constructed according to modern standards. The seven floors of offices and the fifth basement (parking), have been sold to the Greek Ministry of Development and has already been installed there by the Energy Regulatory Authority.