BUDGET: 12.000.000 €

On an independent site, built a multi-storey office building of high quality standards consisting of 3 underground floors with overall surface 4.479,00 m², ground floor and 6 floors with total area 5.372,92 m².
Due to the design and the construction of the building, with the method of Top Down, namely the parallel and simultaneous construction of the concrete elements in the basement and in the superstructure, was achieved short construction time and fast completion of work.
The building incorporates every element of modern building for office use, both in the design, proper orientation to achieve better ventilation and lighting of indoor areas, use of structures such as outdoor shade with metal constructions and aluminum blinds, and in choices of materials such as raised flooring, movable partitions, use self-cleaning granite plaster in external facades, cooling units of suitable size and quality to allow the creation of flexible spaces for modification and pleasant working environment. Also provide access control systems for the employees, large-scale IDC, fiber-optic DATA connections, UPS, electric power generators and in general everything needed to be done in order to characterized as a modern office building.