EXECUTING AGENCY: Ministry of Environment and Public works/ G.D.P.W. / S.S.P.W. AIRPORT NOR. GREECE


BUDGET: 13.678.699 €

The project includes the implementation study and the execution of the following work:

  1. Maintenance - rearrangement and reconstruction of the of E/M installations and extension of the handling platform in the existing building A' of freight station of the state airport of Thessalonica, Greece (surface 4200m2 approximately in the ground floor and 1100m2 in the first floor).
  2. New arrangement of areas and rebuilding of facilities of ground floor of airport's Building D with area of approximately 530m2
  3. Construction of new buildings, of the freight station, ie the ground floor of buildings B and C, with surface of 1950m2 and 3550m2 respectively, for the storage of goods and housing of offices and services Cargo Agent & Handling Agent.
  4. Landscaping in the project area, namely the formation of access, paving, plantings, etc.

There have occured the following works:

  • Construction of the bearing structure of buildings, foundations with piles castings, steel construction for the roof and canopies.
  • Construction work for example: masonry walls, plastering, revetment of facades, floor coatings, toilet, roofs, special structures and facilities, colors, etc.
  • E/M installations of building (Water supply sanitation, firefighting, air conditioning, lighting, etc.).
  • Special works and installations, movable partitions, substation, cables for power distribution, telephone and DATA, building central control system BMS, and security systems and monitoring.

*in joint venture