EXECUTING AGENCY: Water Supply Corporation


BUDGET : 500.000.000 GRD

The project was constructed as a continuation of the feeder pipeline in Thriasio Pedio to supply the Municipality of Megara with a D700 steel pipe and length of 9.550 m
The works performed were:

  • Ensure licensing for cutting of pavement from Organizations of Common Benefit
  • Site management - transportation of equipment
  • Research sections
  • Trenching in all types of soil
  • Mounting (sub base) with crushed material of special classification (3A)
  • Full installation of steel pipe ST37 II with special items, valves, etc.
  • Anchors in points of direction change.
  • Construction of manholes in control valves, dischargers and ventilation.
  • Control of soil erosion and Design – Construction of pipeline downfall protection. Review of welding with ultrasonic.
  • Hydraulic testing of pipeline.
  • Backfilling of trench with crushed material of special classification (3A) on paved roads or with excavation material on unpaved roads and full restoration of pavements gradually during the execution of the project.

*in joint venture