EXECUTING AGENCY: Prefecture of Samos



The project involves the completion of marine works in the port of Karlovasi Samos and necessary works for the operation of the port in land area, and in particular:

  • Port works:
    • Demolition of the old part of the leeward jetty in length of about 90,00 m
    • Indoor seawall the leeward jetty with depth of front -8,00 m and length of 150,00 m
    • New seawall along the beach with length of 165,50 m
    • Completion of excavation of the port basin at depth of -8.00m
    • Protecting the old windward jetty in length of 603,55 m with natural boulders and acropodes in crest level from +4,20 m to +5,00 m
  • Land area works
    • Shaping the land area to build asphalt, paving, forming parking, passenger shelter, construction of lanes entering and leaving the port and connecting them with the new access road to it.
    • Construction of access road with length of 230 m, with a 10,90 m wide pavement and a 0,35m width curbs and 2.50m width sidewalks on both sides
    • Lighting, signage, plantings, water supply, sewer, firefighting and parking facilities, oil residues collecting space.