EXECUTING AGENCY: Water Supply Company



The project involved the design and construction of complete installation of drinking water refining with capacity of 300,000 m3. per day and the trial operation for 1 year in the area of Aspropyrgos, Attica, in area of 130,000 m2.
The construction includes:

  • The building works for the buildings for administration, machine shop, chemical solutions, sludge dewatering, etc..
  • Plumbing installations of the project of processing and specific facilities of refining, and potable water storage tanks of 50,000 m3.
  • The conventional electromechanical installations of buildings and landscaping.
  • The specific electromechanical facilities and processing equipment, special automation works for remote monitoring, industrial, energy projects.
  • Manufacturing facilities; The dosimetry and distribution of chemical water treatment solutions.
  • The pipeline transport drinking water from steel tubes D800, 8,000 meters in length.
  • Works for the landscaping of the refinery.
  • The pilot running for 1 year of production plant and staff training of Water Supply Company in the operation of the plant.
  • The work of landscaping around the refinery, ie drainage networks, sanitation, handling chemicals, etc.
  • The construction of drinking water pipeline by steel pipes of D800, of 8,000 meters in length.
  • The internal road network of the plant and the outer bypass road of total length 5100 m.

The refinery consists of 4 independent and equivalent parts with a total capacity of water treatment 200.000/300.000 m3 water / day. This system allows the experimental application of the latest water treatment technology.

*in joint venture