Construction of office buildings, for specific uses and facilities for the accommodation of the OLYMPIC GAMES STEERING COMMITTEE ATHENS 2004, on the corner of Philikis Etaireias - Iolkou - Al. Panagouli in Nea Ionia, which includes the construction of buildings A, B, C, D, E, Z, H with total surface areas of 34.000m2 and corresponding auxiliary areas of 30.000m2

Located in N. Ionia, occupies the building block bounded by the streets Iolkos, Philikis Etaireias, Siniosoglou & Al. Panagoulis.
By exploiting the old factory complex of former PEIRAIKI-PATRAIKI (COMPLEX "MOUTALASKI"), created a complex of seven separate buildings, with internal communication between them and separate fenced surroundings and consists of:
a. Building A, which consists of ground floor, mezzanine floor and three floors above with total area of 10.650m2, and is the administration building of the complex.
b. Building B with surface of 3.020 m2 on two levels.
c. Building C with surface of 4.100 m2 in one level.
d. Building D with surface of 6.230 m2 in ground floor, mezzanine and 3 floors.
e. Building E with surface of 6.330 m2 in ground floor, mezzanine and 3 floors.
f. Building Z with surface of 220 m2 (bar).
g. Building H with surface of 3.420 m2 that includes the convention center
and restaurant of the complex.
The complex was designed from the beginning and constructed for accomodation of an administrative center with specific functional and technical requirements,
Thus, in terms of functional requirements the potentials that fully met are:

  • Apportionment of individual administrations even in individual buildings which may be operate as a whole or independently.
  • Multiple and independent entry for people and vehicles - in order to avoid the congestion during peak hours, while can be reduced in proportion of the needs of users.
  • Easy access but also controlled movement of workers and public within the complex.
  • Connection of all buildings with closed walkways but having the ability to operate and independently.
  • Morphological hierarchy of buildings with particularly prominent the central administration building on Iolkou street.
  • Independent use of the very large and of particularly beautiful aesthetic landscape.
  • Complience with specific security measures, firstly because the fully fenced complex covers almost the entire block, and on the other hand because of the advanced special safety facilities installed to meet the needs of users the complex.
  • Controlled underground parking with capacity of 700 cars, with self-service at three levels. The first underground level where they are among others the storage of the complex (about 3,500 m2) can host trucks due to its height (~ 4.00 m).

Furthermore, the complex has on a separate building large conference center with capacity of 500 delegates, fully equipped with all modern audio-visual media and all the supporting facilities and also showrooms, ancillary hall, speakers and journalists with complete facilities and a restaurant. The building meets the requirements of bioclimatic design since the design meets the needs of shading with fixed or mobile awnings in all buildings.
Also the complex has in all areas the access and facilities to serve the disabled.
Regarding to the technical requirements covering the complex, are specifically mentioned:

  1. The construction of buildings to new regulations against earthquakes and the calculation of useful charge of 500 Kgr/m2 instead of the usual for office buildings of 200 Kgr/m2.
  2. The large ceiling height (between floor and ceiling 2.70 to 4.00 meters) of office space and the system of construction and arrangement of buildings, that is the in full placement of elevated floors, ceilings and compartmentation with movable partitions, which provides excellent flexibility to any modification or arrangement or adding of new facilities.
  3. The installation of an energy center that exceeds the needs of the present and future use of the complex. It is installed:
    • center of power supply for the complex (substation and fields) of total power 5.000 KVA with the infrastructure for potensial expansion to 6.200 KVA, if required by the use of complex.
    • Installation of a back-up power generator of 1.000 KVA with infrastructure for potential expansion to 2.000 KVA. It is noted that the complex is connected with two different energy stations of the PPC (Iraklio and Nea Ionia) so as to minimize the risk of blackouts.
    • Central plant for cooling - air conditioning in the main areas of total power 1.500 RT, in addition to the established special autonomous cooling systems that support specific areas of technology (PDC, Data Center, Lab Test, TOC Servers areas, etc.)
    • Central heating installation with total power of 3 x 1.400.000 Kcal / h.

Note: The above central plant for power supply, cooling and heating are fully controlled by the central control system (BMS) of the complex, they have been constructed in such a way to have the possibility of operating every building autonomously as well as measurement and allocation of operating expenditure.

  1. The installation of a complete and compliant with regulations fire detection - extinguishing system with Addressable Fire Alarm systems, special extinguishing FM - 200 and CO2 of sensitive areas of machinery, etc.
  2. The installation of a complete system of Structured voice- data cabling in accordance with the requirements E1A/TIA 568 of category 6 already certified, operated and covers 3,500 work seats, with infrastructure and the prospect of extending in 4600 work seats.
  3. Each work seat is supported by sockets PPC and UPS. For this purpose, is installed infrastructure and equipment of uninterruptible power (UPS) 720 KVA in total.
  4. The installation of a central control system (BMS) through which is monitored and regulated the complex electromechanical installations and also provide the ability of data collecting, alarm recording, measurement and statistics depending on the timing and implementation of energy saving programs.
  5. The installation of an extensive network of reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite television and radio supporting around 250 work seats within the complex.
  6. There have already been aproved the studies and intent to be installed a photovoltaic power plant, with total capacity of 160 KVA.

Moreover, because of the use of the complex along with the meeting of the needs of the "Athens 2004" there have been incorporated in this, significant additional special facilities that give further value in future use. For example the following facilities are mentioned:

  1. Sophisticated call center, connected through a fiber optic network to Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications with capacity of 4000 lines.
  2. Sophisticated active equipment (hubs - switches servers, etc.) for support of structured cabling network.
  3. Integrated protection - security system of the complex which consists of:
    • Control System for Personnel movement and visitors (ACCESS CONTROL) with simultaneous Time and Attendance of personel Management through doors control (70 checkpoints).
    • Monitoring system of critical areas (CCTV) and visual recording of events implemented by BS cameras with high optical resolution and dense layout and monitor systems, multiplexers and digital recorders.
    • For this is organized and operates the main control center of 24 hours and two spare faraway control centers.
  4. Fully equiped conference center with systems:
    • Wireless Translation System (infrared) of 5 + 1 languages.
    • Microphonic system of digital technique and audio system for the room.
    • Other equipment such as lighting for television coverage, projection systems, systems of receiving and distributing of television image and sound.
    • Fully equipped work room of journalists.
  5. In addition to the various technology sub-center of the complex there have been installed sophisticated equipment and computer programs which cover options:
    • Monitoring via satellite connection of the monitoring and control of faraway centers (Olympic Stadium, Athletetic facilities of other cities, etc.) Services of Primary Data Center-Technical Operation Center (PDC Games, TOC).
    • Visual - Sound on line communication and data processing with faraway points through the Main Operation Center (MOC).
    • Infrastructure for network monitoring and data processing with specific requirements for high security (O.K.E.P.) .installation of systems tetra, C4i.
    • Database and processing them in remote locations or their location in IT systems (PCs - Servers) with equipment of simulation center and capabilities of receiving real-time data (Lab - Test).
  6. Finally it is stated that these 4000 work seats are fully equipped with their respective PCs, Servers, printing network and corresponding computer programs.