BUDGET: 16.000.000 €

The project involves rearrangements, and any necessary interventions in the bearing elements of the structure, building and electrical and mechanical work to convert the existing industrial building (part of the former factory ANATOLIA, in Nea Ionia) into an office building to house the offices of multinational cosmetics company L'Oreal.
The building consists of:

  1. Three underground storage areas of 5.500m² for parking use, electrical and mechanical facilities, storage facilities and record keeping.
  2. Two floors (2nd & 3rd) of 1.500m² area each, used for office space for staff and management.
  3. One floor with area of 1.500m², which is the T.C. center (Technical Center) of the company, where all the seminars take place in specially designed rooms. There is also a meeting space with special acoustic and audio equipment, a restaurant space and three terraces one of which serves as a smoking area.

The following tasks were performed:

  • Reinforcement works and modifications of the bearing structure of the building:
    • new stairways and elevator shafts
    • additional stiffening walls
    • foundations of new elements with piles and micropiles
  • Building works, for example: walls, coatings, flooring, toilets, colors, etc.
  • E / M installations for buildings such as water supply, sanitation, firefighting, air conditioning, lighting, H / G, etc.
  • Special operations and facilities, including concealed lighting, sound-absorbent wall coatings, special central cooling system for PC units , passive solar protection system.

The building was purchased by the Real Estate Department of EUROBANK and rented to the company "L 'OREAL".