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The history of our company

ANASTILOTIKI SA, founded in 1987 as a natural extension of constant cooperation of an experienced team of engineers. Since then operates with great success until today in undertaking, planning and implementation of major public and private projects, especially in projects with particular or innovative expertise or special requirements in terms of time limits or circumstances, like Maintenance - Restoration - Historic renovations, Special building works, Special industrial and energy, Railway and Port projects, Roads and Hydraulic, as well as in real estate development.


To this end, developed and operate discrete sections with the respective staffing and significant machinery equipment, as shown in the organizational chart of the company and operate under its management.

To undertake public works in all categories, the company is registered to the Register of contractors' enterprises of the Ministry for Environment, Town and Country Planning and Public Works in the sixth grade.

With the successful technical - economic management and its good performance in the execution of major projects, combined with continued constructive cooperation between the executives and prominent outsource partners and technical consultants, the company has developed a technical background, organization and special machinery equipment for integrated implementation, management and maintenance of large and complex projects in a wide range and in multiple categories.

Today ANASTILOTIKI SA has the ability to guarantee in the production of technical projects, the construction in "time - quality - cost" based on the accuracy of the integrated design study and the collaboration of the experienced external designers and technical advisors along with its acclaimed executives.


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